Our Team

Paul O’Connell

Co-founder & Digital Nomad

Likes: Footy, Golf, Beach, Beer, Cooking and last but not least Family.

Dislikes: Traffic, Sending Text Messages, Supermarket Shopping and again Traffic.

Gary Scott

Co-founder & Creative Genius

Likes: All Music, Fitness,
Family, Big Boy Toys, Travel &
Good Old Fashioned Pubs.

Dislikes: Soft Drinks, All You Can
Eat Restaurants & Winter

Cian Marangos

Videographer & Social Media Content Manager

Likes:Taking photos, drinking coffee & traveling with friends.

Dislikes: Too much phone time, plastic bags.

Melissa Teo

Senior Graphic Designer

Likes: Video games, snowboarding, coffee, photography, being cynical.

Dislikes: Spiders, mornings, mould, bad spelling, cooking.

Gagan Khatri

Senior Graphic & Web Developer

Likes: Sunshine, Gardening, ALDI, Beers with friends.

Dislikes: Traffic, sugary junk foods.

Stephen Silva

Graphic Designer

Likes: Wildlife, Nature, Sustainable Development, Road Trips, Beach, Art, Wine, Cooking, Chocolates, History & Culture.

Dislikes: Cabbage, racism, politics.

Francesco Cipressi

The Print Guy

Likes: Being outdoors, roses, gardening, daylight savings and music.

Dislikes: Winter time, possums on my roof at night.

Rob Sanders

The Google Guy

Likes: AFL – Go The Hawks! BBQing, QLD’s Warm Weather.

Dislikes: Geelong Footy Club, Pineapple on hamburgers, Melbourne weather.

Jan O’Connell

Head Wordsmith

Likes: Any competitive sport, cooking for the masses, Friday night footy, an early night.

Dislikes: Overuse of commas, peak hour traffic, being late.

Rohan Wadsworth

Jack of all trades

Likes:  Binging on TV and movies, Music, Games and Seeing bands live.

Dislikes: Summer and finding a car park.

Tyler Scott

Digital Marketing and Hosting

Likes:  Most sports, Most music, Friday drinks, Games, The country, 2000’s cartoons.

Dislikes: Traffic, Olives, Coffee, Country music, Reality TV

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